Reconciliation Plan

Our Vision for Reconciliation at Spensley Street

At Spensley Street Primary School, we educate our community about the significance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, perspectives and histories. This learning enriches the lives of all families and their understanding of the Country on which they live and learn.

We strive to instil a deep respect and appreciation for the truth of the history, place, values and cultures of First Nations People. Students and families will understand the significance of our place; the school’s proximity to the Merri Creek and Yarra River, and the importance of the Country we are on.

We will challenge negative attitudes and perceptions, and, guided by the local First Nations community, we will support initiatives that promote the revival of culture, language and values in our area. We show respect to First Nations peoples, the Land, their culture, their spirituality, and their traditions.

Spensley Street Primary School,
193 Spensley St, Clifton Hill VIC 3068, Australia

Phone Number: 03 9481 4666

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Spensley Street Primary School is a school of 355 students, located in the inner northern suburb of Clifton Hill, on the edge of the Merri Creek and Yarra Bend Park.